2022 Memorial Day Parade

Veterans Legacy was so honored by the turnout for this year’s 2022 Memorial Day Parade. It was a great event with incredible guests. In addition to many in attendance, we had over 1.4 million people tune in to watch the parade with the local media coverage.

Thank you, EVERYONE! We hope to see you all at the Veterans’ Day Parade in November.

***Photo & Video Credits: Dave Sibley, Hoi Michael Cheung, and James Quinn

In Case You Missed It

Parade Video

Ceremony Video

Ukraine Segments

Special Guest Speakers & Honorees

We are excited to announce the 2022 Memorial Day Guest Speakers & Honorees.

  • Speaker: Patrick Creed – Haverford Township Iraqi War Veteran who traveled to Ukraine to fight against Russian Aggression.
  • Speaker: Father Daniel Troyan – Pastor of the Ukrainian Holy Myrrh-Bearers Parish in Swarthmore doing humanitarian work for the people of Ukraine.
  • Honored Guest: Original WWII Tuskegee Airman Eugene Richardson.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Business and personal sponsors can now donate online! The United States Veterans Legacy Project is a nonprofit organization that relies on donations to function.

Any sponsors that donate now will also be included during the 2022 Veterans Day Parade.

In order to continue providing services that allow our veterans to be honored, we need your support.