Sharing your legacy with a new generation… Throughout the history of the United States, millions of men and women have served our country with distinction and honor. The main goals of Delaware County Veteran’s Legacy are:

  • to provide our veterans the means to pass on their legacy to a new generation
  • to provide the opportunity for students to learn, through first hand veteran accounts, what it was like to serve our great country

We are dedicated to preserving as many individual remembrances as possible and we honor the legacy of all veterans through this project. We hope that students and the general public will learn the true meaning of service by sharing and participating in our activities. The main components of Delaware County Veteran’s Legacy are the Flag Exchange Ceremony and the annual Delaware County Veterans Day Parade. Delaware County Veteran’s Legacy also organizes the annual Memorial Day Parade in Media, PA.

Parade History

Getting Involved

Board of Directors

Bob McMahon, Chairman
Jack Holefelder, Vice Chairman
James Ziegelhoffer, Executive Director
Adrienne Irving
John Pauley
Bill Lovejoy
Ed Modestowicz