U.S. Veterans Legacy Project is a non-profit organization that hosts the Memorial Day & Veterans Day parades in Media, PA. In addition, each year, the organization hosts veteran-themed essay contests for local schools and, in the past, has hosted patriotic concerts, flag exchange ceremonies, and other veteran’s events. One of our objectives is also to film and produce video interviews of veterans living in Delaware County.

The organization runs on a small budget with the help of a limited number of volunteers. We hope that this organization will grow with more sponsors (hyperlink to donation). We are always looking for people willing to help if you are interested in becoming a volunteer (link to contact page).

The mission of Veteran’s Legacy is to provide a platform for our veterans to pass on their legacy to younger generations. In doing this, we hope that students will learn, through first-hand veteran accounts, what it was like to serve our great country.

Parade History

Getting Involved

Board of Directors

Bob McMahon, Chairman
Jack Holefelder, Vice Chairman
James Ziegelhoffer, Executive Director
Adrienne Irving
John Pauley
Bill Lovejoy
Ed Modestowicz