The U.S. Veterans Legacy Project is dedicated to preserving the memories of veterans across the United States. Part of that preservation is the recording of interviews with veterans about their experiences.

The Purpose Behind The Veterans Legacy Project

Veterans Legacy History

Veterans Legacy Project was started in hopes to keep veterans’ stories alive. Bob McMahon and Tom Ridge realized they were losing over 1,000 veterans every day, and with that, they were losing their stories. Veterans Legacy Project started with verbal interviews, and eventually progressed into having a website with a video interview […]

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Interview with Sargeant Holefelder

Sergeant Holefelder

We have had the opportunity to interview and learn from worthy vets and volunteers. During our interview with Sargeant Holefelder, we learned about how his involvement with the Media Veterans Day Parade began. Alongside this, he tells a heartwarming story about the time he received a visit from a reporter while in […]

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History of Veterans Day Parade

For the past 60 years, the Media Veterans Day Parade is something veterans and residents of Delaware County look forward to. In this interview, we learn not only the history of the Media Veterans Day Parade, but also the history of the flag passing ceremony, and the start of the Media Memorial […]

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Interview with Marine Wally Nunn, Vietnam

Wally Nunn

We have had the opportunity to interview and learn Veterans’ stories, including Marine Wally Nunn. Nunn tells us about his time spent in Vietnam. Nunn explains how he joined the military as a young boy and how he fought against the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army. Nunn also explains the […]

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Interview With Marine James McCloskey, Vietnam War

James McCloskey Interview

Over the years we have been able to interview very worthy people and learn their incredible stories. Amongst them, James McCloskey, a retired Marine, reflects on his time during the Vietnam War. McCloskey shares what enticed him to join the Marines, how he was trained to go to Vietnam, and why he […]

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