For Parade Participants

Thank you for registering for the Parade! Here is some information for all participants to be aware of.

Where to Report on Parade Day

On the morning of the parade, all participants and officials will meet at the intersection of State and Edgmont streets.

At that time, the parade will be organized, and each participant will receive their marching order.

Please, No Political Messages

We ask that all participants refrain from carrying political signage, passing out political flyers, or any activity done for the purpose of advancing a political agenda. There are two reasons why we do not allow this at the Parade:

  1. Since we are a nonprofit organization, we are bound by 501(3)(c) non-profit organization, which prohibits us from directly or indirectly participating in any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office.
  2. The purpose of the Memorial Day and Veterans Day Parades is to honor those who served and sacrificed. We don’t want to partake in anything that might distract from that focus.

No Throwing Candy

We also ask all participants to refrain from throwing candy. Since it can result in children running into the street, it’s a safety hazard.


A small amount of parking will be reserved near the Pennsylvania Veterans Museum, in the parking lots on either side of Iron Hill. Additional street parking is available throughout town.

After the parade concludes at the courthouse, there will be a shuttle service available to take you back to your parking spot.

Rain Date

In the event of rain, the parade will be held inside the Towne House.