Remembering Bob Dimond, A United States Hero

Every year at the Media Theatre a veteran is recognized for their hard work and determination. In 2016, Robert Dimond was presented with this award.

Bob Dimond grew up in Philadelphia during WWII. When Bob turned 17 in 1952, he dropped out of high school to enlist in the US Army. He was sent to Korea, where he adopted the “first in, last out” mindset. In Korea, he infiltrated fields, booby traps, as well as built roads and improved trails.

Later in life, Bob became a founding member and executive director of the Veterans Legacy Project. Bob was also the former mayor and council member of East Lansdowne Borough. Unfortunately, Bob passed away on October 3, 2018.

Today, we remember Bob as a United States hero, a US Army Korean War veteran, who continuously dedicated his life to the United States service.

Watch the video to learn more about Bob’s life and to see him accept his award in 2016.