The Heartwarming Story of Maureen and Mark Robinson

Maureen Robinson grew up in Chester, Pennsylvania, and always dreamed of being a nurse. She received her nursing degree in 1965 from Saint Francis Hospital in Delaware and was soon sworn into the Army. After passing her boards, she went to medical field service school in Texas, and then she was stationed in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, she served in Chu Lai, learning about the different tribes, including the Montagnards who had been in Vietnam for 2000 years. During her second tour, she met her soon-to-be son, Mark, that was part of the Montagnards tribe. At the age of 25, Maureen came back to the US and was approved to adopt Mark. Maureen started her journey back to Vietnam.

At the age of 3, Mark adapted readily to the US, he grew up surrounded by loving family and friends in Philadelphia. Despite being told he would be sick for his entire life, he played as a running back on his high school football team, was an active participant on the track team, and was described to “run like the wind.”

Today, Mark resides in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife and children. They own a local Vietnamese restaurant. Watch the interviews below to learn about Mark’s life, adoption, and more.